The origin of OMOLUZ candles

Hey there everyone! My name is Adalis, and I'm going to tell you my story and how I came to create OMOLUZ candles.
Before I get into it, I should tell you a bit about myself. I'm a 30 year old Latina woman, and I live in New York City.
All my life, I've had a passion for candles. Not only do they make any room in the house smell absolutely delightful, but they can also be very calming and tranquil.
However, after overspending on low quality and non eco-friendly candles, I realized that something needed to change in order to provide all of us with a better experience. And that's when the ideation of my project OMOLUZ candles began.
At OMOLUZ, our mission is to provide an unbeatable experience when it comes to purchasing candles. We use natural high quality coconut soy wax and high concentrated fragrance with no toxins emitted into the air.
We wanted to make sure we weren't just creating an aroma-sensory experience but also a sound-sensory one. That's why we included crackling wicks in all of our candles, so as they burn you will be completely immersed in the moment and receive maximum relaxation as you hear the soft crackling of the wick while breathing in the pleasant aroma of the wax.
We are so passionate about bringing the best possible candle experience to our customers, that’s why we are named OMOLUZ - which is derived from the Latin phrase “Sending a little light your way!" We want to not only help bring you tranquility but warmth and joy. 
So when you're looking for a premium candle experience, look no further than OMOLUZ and you won't be disappointed! 
Sending a little light your way!

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